Peace Month

Peace Month = Perhaps Too Much for You?

Peace Month Challenge:   from dawn to dusk for one month, ingest no food or drink.
Non-profit Peace Month is a secular non-government organization founded in 2009 to improve our shared world.

Peace Month is a Pioneer Experience.
I did it -- I'm glad -- But it's TOUGH.

Peace Month invites all & everyone to celebrate daytime fasting and thus better understand ourselves and our world. During Ramadan every year, over one billion Muslims are fasting; we invite you to try also in Ramadan or anytime. Join our rugged team who ingest no food or drink from dawn to dusk for one month. We exercise, we study, we have fun, and we actively work for peace.

Why not try fasting for one day!

Your spiritual approach to Peace Month fasting is up to you; there are no required prayers or scripture readings. We hope you'll contemplate peace and practice goodwill to others. We urge those in need of medical advice to seek it, and those in doubt of their capability to at least try the fast for some days. Maybe next you'll challenge the full month... It's most fun to try with friends, or particularly during Ramadan when many others are also fasting. But you can set your own start date.

For people successful in this challenge, we can issue a handsome certificate suitable for framing.

Peace Month participants discover new perspectives & energies. For example, appetites grow while shopping in the midst of plenty, but self-regulation puts you in control, and feeling newly empowered.

We hope that participants will become more mindful & considerate during Peace Month. Visit our evolving website and discuss your feelings.

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