Peace Month


From dawn to dusk in Peace Month we ingest no food or drink. For people successful in the Peace Month challenge, we will issue a handsome certificate suitable for framing. It will be signed by Dr. Bruce Henry Lambert, Founder & Coordinator of Peace Month, and includes space for you to co-sign (until a major sponsor is found, a US$9 fee includes certificate & handling & worldwide postage). A smaller certificate is available (same fee) for those who successfully achieve one or more days of proper fasting during Peace Month. Succeed in the Peace Month Challenge!

Those conquering Peace Month and certified as successful can have their name & town listed on our website.

Donations to Peace Month are always highly appreciated.
Anyone is also welcome to volunteer, or become a financial donor!

Questions or comments to:
Dr. Bruce Henry Lambert
Upplandsgatan 53
113 28 Stockholm Sweden






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