Peace Month


How can Peace Month build peace?
Participants build focus and find new energies. Many learn about religious traditions, most develop self-control and spirituality. In the midst of fasting, some people have the capacity to take on additional challenges. Perhaps you also can fulfill one or more of the challenges below:

  • Do a good turn daily.
  • Work actively for peace.
  • Speak kindly to 5 strangers every day.
  • Volunteer to correct injustice.
  • Keep a blog or diary.
  • Find sponsors for each fast day, and raise money for peace.
  • Speak out against war.
  • Rechannel your own aggressiveness.
  • Praise people you love and admire.
  • Be charitable to those in need.
  • Give stuff away to promote peace.
  • Celebrate motherhood. More mothers prefer peace.
  • Laugh heartily at your own ways of life.
  • Carry a sign & demonstrate against violence.
  • Find ways to bridge misunderstanding.
  • Forgive.
  • Toughen-up.
  • Smile.
  • Write / produce daily  ("No day without a line" - nulla dies sine linea)
  • Celebrate peace. Pray for Peace. Visualize peace.
  • Recognize achievement by others.
  • Practice altruism.
  • Brighten the world around with art or music.
  • Make the world around you more fun.
  • Appreciate quiet.
  • ... ?
Volunteer with us !   Help Peace Month grow year-by-year. We should translate this website to many languages. We should pass the word, and work for peace.

If you've additional ideas, let us know via the Peace Month blog!

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